Is there such a thing as a “good” Thai teacher?

Fifty percent of Thai teachers hit children. The other fifty percent do nothing to stop them?

This begs the question – are the fifty percent who do not hit kids just as guilty as those who do? Our opinion is a resounding YES!


Posted on February 25, 2011, in Thai Teachers and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. No, it’s just not possible, they just dont care. And yes any teacher who turns a blind eye to child abuse is just as guilty as the abusers themselves.

  2. I know many who are good people but very few are good teachers. Many are unable to control classrooms and resort to screaming and even violence. The main problem is the hierarchical system whereby younger teachers with better ideas are too scared to question the older ones.

    Although I do know many committed teachers, you are correct the other 50% are equally guilty as they never report these incidents of violence to their directors let alone to the police. Foreign teachers are also the same though, usually turning a blind eye despite the fact they know what they are seeing is against the law.

  3. No there is not!

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