Thai teachers

This website is dedicated to exposing the barbaric actions of many Thai teachers. In particular one teacher who not only breaks the law by hitting children but actually went as far as to try and make money out of her actions.

She knows who she is, we hope she enjoys seeing her lies and deceipt exposed on this blog.


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  1. Expat in Thailand

    Apparently you aren’t Thai nationals who have erected this website. Let me tell you this: You are guests in this country and therefore have only ONE right, and that is the right to leave! So if you hate thai people / teachers so much, then it’s best to just go home where you can have a real say in your country’s policies regarding the education system, instead of wasting your time here?

    And there are plenty of countries where children are recruited to be child-soldiers. Why don’t you address those real issues instead?

    • Expat, or James or Greg or whatever you like to call yourself. I am 100% Thai. I do NOT hate Thai people NOR do I hate teachers. However I do not want criminals working in our education system. If you break the law, that is what you are.

      ALL your posts, under several names, seem to be totally ignorant of the fact that corporal punishment has been illegal in Thailand now for SIX years.

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