Why its all so wrong! Teacher training at Rajabhat.

This is a teacher training video from one of the Rajabhat Universities (the main teacher training colleges in Thailand).. In the first half she does it wrong and in the second half she (supposedly) does it the correct way.

However, even in the second half she still has the stick in her hand.

Its not surprising the world thinks all Thai teachers are animals if this is the quality of the training the future teachers receive.

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  1. Heaven help the children of Thailand if that is supposed to be the right way to do things. This looks like something out of a situation comedy not a University. Its hard to believe this can actually be real.

  2. Human rights in a Thai school? Don’t make me laugh! Thailand signed the UN Rights of the Child convention in 2005 and part of that agreement was that they had to criminalize corporal punishment in schools, which they did.

    If it is illegal for a teacher to hit a child (which it is) WHY are teachers still taking the canes into classrooms? There are only three possible answers:

    1. They are still hitting the children.
    2. They dont hit them but use the stick to create fear.
    3. Its all part of their desperate attempt to cling on to their old image of power.

    The traditional image of the Thai teacher strutting around the parade ground in the morning, complete with cane, makes me favour the latter!

  3. Surely this is a spoof? I think it must be a joke video! No real university lecturer would teach this way, they look like they are teaching 12 year olds.

  4. Its quite shocking to see. Despite the fact she is roleplaying she is basically saying to our future teachers that is is “OK” to walk around the class with a stick. In my school most of the older teachers still carry the wand but it is distressing to see that our young future teachers are being taught that it is acceptable when we all know it is not.

    The other thing that concerns me is that there is NO mention in the video that hitting the children is illegal. Its all fair and good to say it’s “wrong”, but the students need to have it drummed into them that it is against the law.

    Question – how do you stop teachers hitting children with sticks?

    Answer – stop them taking sticks into the schools.

  5. So bad! Hard to believe this is real. Are you sure its not a joke video?

  6. Wasana its not a joke. Its hard to believe but that is a REAL training video from a Rajabhat college.

  7. The students and the teachers (yes, there are two of them, not one) are acting. As the video is a part of a “Human Rights project”, my guess is this is showing how not to teach.

    However, if you are concerned by the content of the video, contact the university and explain your concerns.

    The Dean of the faculty of Education is Assoc. Dr. Rossukhon Makaramani. Phone +662 160 1056 -63. Here is the link to the university website: http://www.ssru.ac.th/html/front_en/webeng/faculties/education/page4.html

    • Yes they are role playing – I made that very clear.

      The first one is the WRONG way to do it and the second is supposed to be the RIGHT way!!!

      However, as the person playing the teacher also carries a stick in the 2nd version (supposedly the RIGHT way) it is clearly flawed. Effectively they are saying it is OK for teachers to take sticks into classrooms – it is not! There can only be two reasons for a teacher top take a stick into a classroom.

      1. To hit children (against the law in Thailand).

      2. To instill the fear of being hit – poor teaching!

      The RIGHT way would have been for the teacher in the 2nd role play to have NO STICK!

  8. 5555 Rajbhat University is a joke, all Thai know this.

    • Hey!!! Why did you say like that huh? Please pay respect each other!!!!

    • Mr./Miss/Ms. Pim, you said “Rajbhat University is a joke” do you misunderstand? Please respect to each others.

      • I think Pim says what many intelligent Thais think, She is entitled to her opinion just as you are. WHY do you think you can insist on people showing you respect? Your attitude is reflective of the way many teachers think also, but respect has to be earned not just expected due to having a particular job..

  9. The most disturbing this is that they make a video and post on youtube. I can just imagine the board meeting here “hey lets post some videos on youtube to show how incompetent we are”.

  10. paul zackery wilson

    Thai teachers carry a stick pointer – it is a tool of education, not a weapon. The ridiculously low paid Thai teachers don’t have lazar pointers and PowerPoint projectors like western teachers do. The low salary of Thai teachers is shameful and a BA in Education requires 5-years of study, not the usual 4-years as western universities. The children aren’t being abused in Thai schools, the teachers are.

  11. Hello everyone

    I am the person who posted this vdo on youtube. What’s wrong with that?

    I’m here to inform you all that it is JUST a ROLE PLAYING to fulfill our assignment in Human Right project. It’s not real. In the vdo the contents are about “A teacher now forces students (&parents) to buys things. Actually they should have their right to choose what they ‘d to buy. And is it right to keep students’ mobiles and Be rude in the classroom ie Yelling, etc.” That is our purpose.

    Actually, there are 3 episodes and this vdo is episode1. We concluded in the last one. You all have to watch it all episodes.

    Finally, I do apologize you all that i didn’t description below this vdo because I just posted it for my friends to know and comment that our project was going done.

    Any questions, please ask.

    P.S. to the owner of this post, please correct it if you understand us.

    Thank you

  12. @Paul – yes agree re the low salary etc. Teachers have fingers, or most do anyway.You know as well as I do that teachers use these stick to intimidate students. Even teachers who dont hit kids (30% of them in government schools) are still aware of the fear factor. The 70% who do hit kids would have less chance to do so if the sticks were removed. Besides whcih whats wrong with a small plastic pointer etc, or as used in my school duct tape rolled into a long cone? If you hit a kid with that it would just bend in half.Why the need for meter long wooden canes???

    • Paulene Reality

      Just because a teacher uses a long wooden pointer so they can stand beside the black-board and point to the written lesson so all the students in the over-crowded classroom can see, does not mean they are carrying a weapon of intimidation or physical abuse. I used to have a teacher who used a metal ski pole as a long pointer but we never thought we were about to be stabbed with it if we talked out of turn.

      There are real negative issues about Thai public schools that are not up for debate and that are destroying the entire future of the educational system. The negative issue that can not be defended or debated is the shamefully low pay these fine, dedicated and well educated teachers are offered.

      What is more important than the health and education of our children? Our children are the future of the entire county. We all see the offensive opulence of the multiple residences of some non-working Thai that resemble homes of Gods. Obvelosly Thailand has the money to pay teachers well, but instead the government spends the teacher’s deserved pay on obscene luxury for a select few celebrities.

      Making an issue of a teacher pointing to the lessons on the black board with a wooden stick while billions of Baht are being wasted every day is doing nothing constructive for students or teachers or Thailand.

      Please correct me if anything I have said is untrue.

      • Agree re the salary issue, but that is not the point here.

        FACT is that 70% of teachers are hitting children. Take away the stick and you take away one of the weapons at least. Nice to hear your teacher never stabbed you but the fact is that children ARE intimidated by these canes because here they DO get used.

        Also agree re the billions of Baht wasted that should be spent on the education system but you seem to be saying that is the ONLY important issue i.e. that teachers breaking the law is somehow unimportant.

      • So you say its OK for teachers to break the law then??

        As a teacher here for 14 years I agree about the salary and funding issues but teachers who beat children are not “fine and dedicated” I also doubt whether they could be called “intelligent” as intelligent people would not flout the law, they would be able to control classrooms by more constructive methods.

      • Paulene I am not sure if you are Thai or not but are you suggesting that money is more important than child abuse? If you are foreigner teacher then please leave.

  13. @ownervideo – yes we KNOW its a role play – THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT!!! The students in the video are trainee teachers and the (2nd) lecturer/role playing teacher, who is supposed to be doing things correctly, is basically showing them that carrying a cane is acceptable – it is not!

  14. It’s not just canes any hitting, rulers, hands, anything.

  15. At thaiteachers – you should try and read ownervideo’s comment again, I believe you’ve misunderstood. Firstly I would say to all of you on here, if you understand Thai then comment on the video, if you don’t, how on earth do you have any idea WHAT they’re trying to show you in the video?! (By the way I’m appalled at the fact that some Thai teachers (and other nationalities too) still hit children in the classroom, but this video is not about that) Ownervideo said the first section is to show how a teacher tries to force students (&parents) to buys things. The point being they are not allowed to, they have The Human Right (the point of the video Human Rights Project) to choose. The second half, doesn’t show the correct way to discipline, it rather is trying to show that while teachers can’t force students to purchase items necessary for school, they also cannot confiscate students phones or be rude (or it’s the other way round, students can’t be rude – my Thai isn’t that good). Whilst I agree it’s not a good teaching method to walk around with a cane, that’s a prop in their little skit. Nothing in their little skit talks about corporal punishment in schools, maybe a subject for another video. Yes, interesting to point out, what a shame it is that Thai students would still put a stick in the hand of a person role playing a teacher, however perhaps they were trying to make these teachers particularily intimidating to put their point across, which was the human right not to be forced to buy something. Not the human right not to be hit by a teacher, perhaps some other students got this project!

    • Hi yes I am Thai so I fully understand what is said. As I have said before even the 2nd teacher who does it the RIGHT way has a stick in her hand. This tells the students that it is OK to carry a stick and they will maybe do so when they are qualified teachers. This is bad practice for a University and they need to address this.

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