Suwattana Permpool

Suwattana Permpool is a female PE teacher working at Yothinburana School in Bangkok.

In 2008 she admitted caning several students, one female student 18 times. This event was reported to police by the parents of the girl concerned. Ms Permpool admitted the offense but the school defended her saying they had a written agreement with parents to cane students.

Ms Permpool did resign from her position as Head of Year but did not resign her post as a teacher.

In January 2011 Ms Permpool was still working at Yothinburana School although she claims she has stopped abusing children. The school appears to still permit caning so we do not know if this is true or not.

Our view is that Ms. Permpool should be serving a jail sentence now, not teaching children. We are trying to get this case re-investigated and a report sent to prosecutors with a view to Ms Permpool being properly charged and tried in court.

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  1. I taught in Thailand for four years. Sadly this kind of Trash Teacher can be found everywhere. They have no idea about child welfare and even less idea about the damage they are doing to children in the long term. All this kind of teacher is interested in is doing what the director tells her to then take her salary check and go home.

    Teachers such as this one should at very least undergo some kind of psychiatric assessment and should be forced to attend retraining to learn about the long term effects of beating children. At best, as the author says, she should be in court and tried and if found guilty banned from teaching and imprisoned.

  2. Thip Thai teacher

    I agree with Robert, no place for people like this in our education system. Teachers must accept we have bad people in our profession and we must do all we can to ensure they are removed before they drag our education system even lower than it already is.

  3. I have been teacher now for over seven years. This woman gives every teacher a bad name and she should be immediately retired or more. The fact she was never punished is terrible thing and has a bad reflect on those of us who try to be good and help kids not hurt them.

    • Kru Sam Thai Teacher

      Yes many of us refuse to hit student even though the older teachers encourage us to do so. Old teachers should learn to adapt to new ways.

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