What about the Good Kids 2

Back on the subject of what about the good kids?

Time after time we hear parents complaining that their children are afraid to go to school because they are scared of a particular teacher. Usually these kids have never been hit themselves but they see other kids being abused frequently and this makes them fear school.

Good kids are again losing out because they make excuses to skip school (usually claiming illness) when they have a class with the teacher concerned that day.

Thai teachers should concentrate on these “good” kids and think about the effect they are having on them, their education and their futures.

No child should ever have to learn in fear. Schools should be happy places, not intimidating places kids are too scared to go!

These teachers often believe the children respect them but they need to understand that fear and respect are not the same thing at all.

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  1. Our teachers just dont think about things like this. They are too interest in maintain their position of power and want to make sure all kids understand this. Thai teachers cannot control class by normal means so always use fear to control. This is the way it has always been and I think it will never change. I have to pay so that my kids can be educated by non-Thai that is the only way to keep my children away from these people.

    • Punnipha – yes many parents have no options but to pay for school to keep their kids safe from these people. I pray it will change one day but like you I think it will take a very long time.

  2. Children have a right to learn without fear. Good or bad a child should never be afraid to go to school.

  3. Teacher Greg

    If students are aware of the consequences of being bad, they’ll think three times before taking the risk of being punished. If they behave normally, there’s no reason for any of them to be afraid. Your idea that it is the other way around doesn’t hol water.

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