Pseudo parents and cops

When will teachers in Thailand learn that we want them to spend their time EDUCATING our children. In other words spend their time teaching our children Math, Science, English, History, Art etc.

Too many teachers spend too much time behaving like pseudo parents, social workers and even policemen.

If a child has a problem then refer them to the correct people. If they dont do homework tell their parents, if they are having sex underage tell a social worker and if they are doing drugs then report them to the police.

It is NOT the job of a teacher to behave as a “second parent” and certainly not their job to act as pseudo police officers. For the sake of our children, and our countries’ future, spend your time teaching the good kids who want to learn and stop wasting time on the bad ones who don’t.

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  1. Teachers here dont seem to understand that things have changed. In the past many parents wanted teachers to behave as second parents. However, in the modern world they are more concerned with their kids receiving the right academic education.

    The problem is that too many teachers here are old and only know the old ways. Most refuse to accept any new ideas or even to accept any retraining. There is a chance things might change when these people retire but the danger is the young teachers have become indoctrinated by the time that happens so it never ends.

    The solution is compulsory re-training for all teachers over 40. Any who refuse, or fail, that retraining should be forcibly retired so that this country can finally move into the 21st century.

  2. I think you have no chance of this. Teachers are too stupid usually to understand their own subjects and for sure cannot understand the concept that their job is actually to educate childrens.

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