Why Thai teachers are no longer respected!

There is a good discussion thread on the ThaiVisa Forum about why Thai teachers are no longer respected.

Basically because they EXPECT to be respected just because they are teachers and so they make little or no effort to actually EARN that respect.

We think Wai Kru Day will be a thing of the past within the next ten years as more and more kids realise that the teachers are not worthy of their respect so refuse to give it.

You can read the full discussion here


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  1. Thai teachers think that if the kids are scared of them it is the same as respect. I hated Wai Kru day when I was school because it made me feel such a fake to have to show respect to idiots who I had no respect for at all. When i was at school there were some teachers I liked but as I get older I now understand they were all the same and all are bad.

  2. Have been teaching here a few months. I think the younger teachers get very frustrated at the actions and attitudes of the older teachers but are powerless to stop them due to the strict age hierarchy that exists.

    • Peter. Thats half the point, they COULD do something, they just choose not to. We always hear this as an excuse but if they turn a blind eye they are condoning abuse and failing the children. Surely getting shouted at (or maybe losing a job at worst) is better than sitting back and ignoring the issue of child abuse. What is even more terrible is that eventually they copy the older teachers and become the same, and so the cycle goes on.

      Maybe the MoE should set up a “whistle blower” site where teachers can report other teachers in confidence. I think it would work!

      • I am not sure I agree, they are very frustrated and some are angry and visibly upset but no one listen to them.

        I agree, the whistle blower website would be a good move but I dont think anyone would trust the MoE to respect their privacy.

  3. I think Thai teachers lost all respect years ago to be honest. They used to be highly respected but those days are long gone now.

  4. Teachers expect kids to respect them but the truth is none do now. All kids will say they respect teachers becoz they are scared not to say this but the truth is most kids just think teachers are low of low.

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