Phansak Thanpo

Mr Phansak Thanpo is a teacher of Western music at Angthong College of Dramatic Arts.

In May 2011 admitted caning several girls for failing schoolwork. Some of the girls were caned up to 57 times each. The incident came to light after one parent reported Mr Thanpo to the police and it was then covered expensively in both be Thai and International media. This forced the school to cancel a second caning of the same girls that had been set for the following week. Initially Mr Thanpo refused to cancel the 2nd caning claiming that he was within his rights and that no one could stop him.

Clearly Mr Thanpo is unfit to be a teacher as he appears to have no idea of the law governing the teaching profession. We believe Mr Thanpo should be prosecuted and jailed for this offence.

We have no photograph of Mr Thanpo but you can see him in this video. He is the teacher wearing the pink shirt.



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  1. Totally disgusting. If he thinks an apology is enough it shows how sick his mind is.

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