One simple solution – take away their weapons!

One simple soluion to the systematic abuse of our children would be to ban teachers from taking the canes into the classrooms and into the schools.

Just look at many school parade grounds at morning assemply and you see teachers strutting around like concentration camp guards, weapons at the ready, seeking out their latest victim.

Many Thai teachers claim they need the sticks to “point at the blackboard” but anyone who has any intelligence understands that this is just an excuse. After all teachers in other countries dont need them and Thai teachers have arms and fingers the same as those teachers.

There can only be ONE reason for a teacher to mcarry a cane, and we all know what reason is. They are used to intimidate kids and make them scared. Even if they don’t actually hit the children that is the only logical reason for a teacher to carry a cane.

Of course banning the canes will not stop teachers abusing children using their hands or rulers or other implements but it would go a long way to sending the right message that modern society will no longer accept teaching by fear.

It is ILLEGAL for teachers to use these weapons so why is it OK for them to carry them?

It is no coincidence that the vast majority of the Top 100 performing schools have outlawed corporal punishment and do not allow teachers to carry weapons.


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  1. The teachers who carry the stick are just power crazy and enjoy to hurt children!

  2. I am curious about the last statement. Would you happen to have a list or link to the 100 top performing schools?

    I am about to do a PGCE/Masters and would like to do a thesis on the Thai Education System. If I’m going to make this a lifelong career, I may as well understand exactly where we have gone right/wrong in the system and one day my own efforts might benefit the next generation.

    A lot of people blame the MoE standards — the “everyone must pass” rule — still others blame teacher qualifications. Perhaps classroom management has a large role as well?

    Would appreciate the help.

    • Animaster I cannto post your other two comments as you put them in the Contact us page and we have to guarantee we will not publish comments there. If others see comments published there they will lose faith in our anonimity guarantee. I am going to make a “Discussion” page and post your two comments there as you raise some very good points.

  3. I’ve never seen a website about anything to do with Asia that sounded more American (or perhaps Canadian) in tone than this one. Keep up the good work – you should be about as successful as a website in Thai about getting rid or obese teachers in America.

    • I never knew that be fat was illegal 🙂 As for our success you might want to ask the 10 teachers at Pakpranang awaiting their court appearance or the 7 teachers in Phuket about to be charged if they agree with you 🙂

  4. So ten teachers are awaiting a court appearance. Are they still teaching while doing so? How long will it take before they appear in court? A few months? A few years? Will the prosecutor put any effort into the case? Will the judge care?

    If you could prosecute it, what would you ask for? That they all get sent to a prison where it’s common for guards to beat the inmates? Then perhaps you could set up a thaiprisonguards site.

    • No they are currently suspended.

      Court due September. You cna follow the case on many Thai websites also.

      Prosecutors do not take cases to court unless they want to win and think they will win.

      Not my job to advise prosecutors but in that case we think only one teacher will receive a jail sentence (the one in the video). Jail sntence in these cases is usually one year but usually suspended if they plead guilty. The others, if found guilty, will receive fines, salary cuts and some will lose their teaching licence. To be honest I dont care if they are jailed or not just make sure they cannot teach in our schools again.

    • Despite your very negative view of our country, believe it or not there are many dedicated people here too. This includes police officers, prosecutors and judges.

  5. I’d like to know where this idea of a modern society comes from, have you not watched Thai TV???? And I agree there are many dedicated and amazing people here, they just prefer to stay quiet.

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