Geraldine Daray-Pugoy

Geraldine Daray PugoyYet another teacher who attempts to protect child abusers at Kanlayanee SiThammarat school.

In a conversation today Geraldine Daray-Pugoy says that she has seen many Thai teachers abusing children but has never tried to stop them saying it is part of Thai culture.

Sorry Ms Daray-Pugoy it used to be part of Filipino culture too 20 years ago but it is wrong so they stopped it (19 years ago to be precise). The “culture” argument holds no water – it is ILLEGAL and teachers should not break the law. Teachers in your own country respect the law or they are punished. Why do you think it should be any different here? Do you think it is part of Thai culture for teachers to somehow be above the law?

She went on to say that the teachers who abuse children do it because they love the kids – sorry again Ms Pugoy but you are showing a distinct lack of intelligence and training here. If you love someone you do NOT abuse them.

She should read this article which explains the difference between discipline and abuse.

Ms Daray Pugoy is a Fillipino working in Thailand. As a foreigner, from a country where such abuse is specifically prohibited, she should know better than to try and defend the abuse of small children by adults in schools. She should also make herself aware of her duty to protect the children in her care and if she fails to do so her work permit, and teachers licence, should be removed at very least.

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  1. I* am student at KN school in the Thai programme. Aj Gege teaches in the English programme. Teachers in the EP do not hit children only in the Thai programme. It makes us sad that children who parents pay are protected and those of us who not pay are not. Aj Gege is good teacher I think but she not understand what they do to us coz she does not see.

  2. So unfair. Aj Gege never hit us but is true that other teachers at kn do a lot.

  3. The whole culture argument is just an excuse used by these people. It was part of my country’s culture to keep slaves and send children to work down mines 200 years ago. Does that mean I am entitled to do the same?

    The same applies to the “htting from love” brigade – just another excuse to hide the fact they get a kick out of it.

    If kids should be punished when they do wrong (and that is fair argument) then teachers should be punished too when they break the law.

  4. Thank you for show this. We want the teachers at our school to stop do this but never stop. We love Kanlayanee but we hate the teacher who do this.

  5. How can she deny? Very normal at KN in the TP, every day.

  6. Pugoy please do not bring your child abuse to our country! If you cannot respect our laws please go back to backward country where you come from. We do not want abusive Filipino here!!!

    • Yes please go back to your home we dont want shitty Pinays here, just cheap labour and cannot teach. You are just cheap shit for Thais.

  7. I am KN student. Very shock to see Aj gege support this. Thailand needs to develope pople who respect our laws and foreigner should get out if cannot respect our law.

  8. Just finished chatting with two of the Filipino teachers at our school about the Pugoy issue. Both were too shocked for words to hear that a teacher from the Philippines can support this. It has been outlawed in PI now 19 years and the vast majority of teachers support the ban. One big difference is that in PI teachers will report colleagues who offend to the authorities, something that is rare in Thailand.

  9. This school is about one thing and one thing only, money money, money. Teachers are clearly instructed to toe the line. I doubt this teachers really believes this but is simply doing as she is told.

  10. Sick? Or thick? Probably both!

  11. I can’t believe this teacher’s stand against this issue. She should know the rules, I for one being a teacher then, knows what is right from worng when it comes to disciplining students. You are a disgrace to Filipino teachers.

  12. Isabelle from Davao

    I have just read about this on a blog in the Philippines. What can we say? We apologise to Thailand for sending you these people, they would not be accepted here.

  13. Hi Marie here, a teacher from Bohol in the Phils. I also just see this article on a teaching blog here and like Isabelle I am shocked and saddened. Apology to the people of Thailand for her terrible behaviour. She cannot do this here so maybe that is why she goes to work in your country.

  14. I know a “little” bit more about this woman that tries to look like a “savor” writing this blog about teaching in Thailand. The truth about her is that she has been kept and investigated by the Thai Police because she was,and still is smuggling Filipinos to Thailand and taking money from them for a service….and living a nice and wealthy life in Thailand…. Go on, GI-GI !!! Greetings from Thailand!

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