Will Wai Kru Day become a thing of the past?

Will Wai Kru day become a thing of the past as respect for Thai teachers diminishes?

The problem with Wai Kru day or Wai Kroo Day is two fold:-

1. The “forced” nature i.e. all kids have to Wai all teachers, even the ones they hate.

2. Respect for Thai teachers is probably at an all time low. Teachers have no right to “expect” respect, they must earn it.

Our opinion is that although it is a fine and ancient tradition it should be abolished unless teachers can actually start to earn the genuine respect of their students. It will only survive (or deserve to survive) if students are allowed to CHOOSE the teachers they pay their respects to. Not only would this be fair but it would make many teachers actually THINK about why some students choose not to respect them. That cannot be a bad thing and is surely the way forward.

We spoke to a senior teacher in Chiang Mai province who told us that whole thing embarrassed her as she did not believe half the teachers deserved the respect they were demanding.

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  1. Wai Kru day is an embarassing ritual that emphasises the whole pretence of thai education. the pretend respect is so false and is all part of the unwritten contract of you pretend to respect me and behave and i’ll ignore the fact that you copy and cheat in class. The other part of the unwritten contract is the teacher promises never to ask a direct questions to a child as long as they sit in class, smile and behave. the only interesting thing for the kids is who will win the prize for the best bouquet of flowers. seriously 3 hours on your arse listening to bile. teachers earn respect by being good,not just for turning up.

  2. Sudarat teacher

    The problem is that Thai teachers have been conditioned to expect respect just for becoming a teacher. That is how it has always been. Many have no idea, or interest, in actually earning that respect. Thailand has a lot of very good and caring teachers and children should be given the choice of who they pay their respects to. Teachers would soon think if they were the one totally ignored on Wai Kroo day,

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