Now they teach the students to behave like animals too!?

This video needs NO comment – quite UNBELIEVABLE!! Anyone know the name of this school and maybe which teacher they are copying?

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  1. OMG – quaility education?? NOT! Now teachers are giving lessons in how to break the law 555, its too stupid.

  2. Possibly the most shocking video I have seen. How inept can a teacher become?

  3. whats so bad about that?

    It looks like my class


    Phuket yet

  4. It’s just students playing – the only bad thing I see about it is that they are copying their Thai English teacher.

    • Wangsuda……ummmmm EXACTLY!! That is why it is so bad. Obviously the kids THINK that hitting children is normal and the teacher is doing NOTHING to tell them it is against the law.!!!!

  5. I don’t think the person sitting on the desk in the left of the video is a teacher unless the teacher wears the same school uniform as the students. This, to me, is a video recorded by students parodying one of their teachers. I don’t believe that any Thai teacher would sit in a room and allow a colleague to be mocked like this by any students. Like Wangsuda said, the only bad thing is that they are obviously copying the behaviour of one their teachers. However, they are hardly emotionally scarred by that behaviour and obviously don’t think it’s too serious if they can laugh at it in this way.

    • Paul

      You miss the point entirely – the fact that they are laughing is the ENTIRE point. They think it is “normal”. They will grow up to believe it is normal! It is against the law for teachers to hit kids and kids should not be allowed to consider it “normal” to do so! We “assume” that they are parodying their teachers so it seems clear they SEE this behavious from their teachers and that is surely unnacceptable.

      It is irrelevant whether they are distressed, clearly in this video they are not, but a real situation would be very different.

      Simple fact is that they are obviously seeing teachers BREAKING THE LAW. Teachers are very much role models and these kids may grow up to believe that respect for the law is just not important if it can just be laughed at.

  6. What country do you live in? I understand that it is against the law for teachers to hit kids and I certainly don’t condone it but if you really think that the law in this country is taken seriously then you should open your eyes wider. That goes for teachers and students as well as for police officers and politicians. In fact, all walks of life. From small things to big things, the law in this country is very much pick-and-choose. From riding to school with Mom on the motorbike without a helmet to people literally getting away with murder because they can pay their way out of it, there is a complete lack of respect for the law which kids see and copy everyday and which they will surely take into adulthood and pass it on to their kids.

    And, if you think that “teachers are very much role models”, then what, pray tell, is your point in your article ‘will-wai-kru-day-become-a-thing-of-the-past’? Yes, teachers can have a positive or negative influence on kids but to say that they are role models in this day and age is ridiculous.

  7. You live in Thailand but are you Thai or a foreigner? If you are Thai then I would like to wish you the very best of luck in your mission. You have set yourself an enormous task and you will face much resistance and hostility from many people in this country who don’t want to change or improve things or who are worried about saving face. I hope you have the strength to overcome all the personal and professional difficulties that lie ahead and be comforted by the fact that there are many of us who support you in what you are trying to do. If, by some miracle, you are successful maybe your next project could be to tackle the rampant corruption or the huge inequalities in society that exist in this lovely country? 🙂

    If you are a foreigner trying to do this, I wish you the same but I hope you have a ‘get-out-of-Thailand-fast’ plan of escape.

    Good luck!

    • Hi K Paul

      I am Thai 100%. Thank you for your nice words. Yes we know it a big job but have to start somewhere. It is hard but not a complete waste of time. Please let me give you some examples.

      Our recent expose of Kanlayanee School – the hitting has stopped 100%.
      Our up coming article about a school in Phuket – the hitting has stopped and one teacher disciplined.
      Last year in Korat – 3 teachers sent to jail (although sentences suspended)
      Currently in Pakpranang – 10 teachers awaiting trial.
      Yothinburana School – the hitting has stopped – despite the fact it happened 3 years ago and we only start it again last year our coverage has stopped the teachers there.

      There are many many others where we have stopped it in schools but the incidents have been too minor to take any further.

      Yes we know it is a drop in the sea but if just ONE child is saved we think it is worthwhile. More importantly as more and more of our stories are being shown on Thai TV the teachers ARE thinking about what they do. I know many still do this but the numbers are getting less and less every day. This is not all down to us, many new directors are now trained properly (they actually KNOW the law) and also we have the 100% backing of the Ministry of Education (as yet dont know about the new administration though) in our campaign. They dont like us but they do support us as they have little choice..

      As you say, best way to get a message across is to make the teachers who abuse kids lose face – we will continue to do this so that ALL teachers start to think about what they do and what will happen if we catch them. Many just dont know the law and one thing we try to do is change that. Personally I am not in favour of sending a few teachers to jail as that achieves little but many teachers now SEE other teachers being punished so they stop. The school in Phuket is a good example – only one teacher was punsihed there but all the others have stopped hitting and that shows the message is a powerful one.

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