Make Directors Pay

Let us first establish that a school “director” in Thailand is what many would call the headmaster or principal in other country – not director as in company director.

One of the biggest problems faced in the implemting of the law in schools is that only the individual who commits the assault can currently be prosecuted, fined, jailed etc.

ALL school directors know the law, they are sent regular MoE bulletins reminding them! However many do not notify the teachers and then turn a blind eye or, in extreme cases, actually encourage it. They know very well that if the teacher is caught nothing can be done to them.

There have been severalk cases recently where the teachers concerned have been told by their director that an “agreement” exists with parent , despite the fact that such agreements are unlawful. In some cases this is negligence on the part of the directors but in others it is a deliberate ploy to hide the truth from teachers.

Usually when a case becomes “high profile” the directors simply deny all knowledge and leave the teacher concerned to face the consequences alone.

There is an argument to create a civil law (at the moment the only remedy is in criminal law) to make school directors and owners liabel for the actions of their employees.

We believe that if directors could be charged, and punished, they would make sure it stops fast. There is nothing like a threat to a directors finances to make them take action!

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  1. “There is nothing like a threat to a directors finances to make them take action!” Sad, isn’t it? That money skimmed off of parents is the only way to get directors to listen.

    Directors should be made aware of the law. Directors should have meetings to inform teachers of the law. And all should be held accountable if the law is broken. Regardless of position, regardless of wealth, regardless of shirt color, and regardless of ethnic background.

    • Yes, agree 100%. it will be very hard to implement but if we had the civil law in the first place at least it would be good start. As things stand directors know they cannot be prosecuted (unless they actually do the hit themselves) and they use that to their advantage.

    • At the case in Phakpranang, where 10 teachers are go to court, the teachers claim the director offered them pay rises if they caned children and that he told them it was all OK. The kids at that school teold us that NO teachers ever hit kids before as the previous director did not allow so it seems to sound true. Of course he deny this and we dont know the truth but it does seem he ask teachers to do his dirty work as he know he cannot be prosecuted himself.

  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing the director of a certain school receive the caning he allows teachers to give. The teachers actually have special caning rods, given to them by said director. All rods even have a gift ribbon!

  3. Must say, I feel sorry for the first teacher who breaks the law and canes my son. I will press charges.

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