Sikaoprachapadungwitt School

Sikaoprachapadungwitt School is located in Sikao, Trang. The name in Thai is โรงเรียนสิเกาประชาผดุงวิทย์

The attached video was taken in January 2012 and shows several girls age 17 (class M5/2) being caned by a male teacher.

We have contacted the school but to date they have ignored our request for a response.

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  1. In civilized countries, that man would be in jail immediately. Looks like Thailand is not civilized. And I pity the teacher who tries that with my son.

  2. These canings are ‘sex’ games, and the problem with such acts is that certain victims are profoundly traumatised by the experience, while others shrug it off, or find it entertaining.

    In one Scandinavian country, girls a little older than these put on a ‘strip show’ for their teachers, where they strip and dance naked. However, only the girls that wish to participate do so.

    In Poland, it is extremely common for young adults of this age to beat each other like this on their notable birthdays, but once again, the birthday ‘victim’ consents to have her bottom whipped.

    BDSM sex-play should always be consensual. These videos do not show discipline in the classroom, but non-consensual sex-play. Some of the victims clearly don’t mind, or think it makes the school day more ‘interesting’. The opinions of the “it never did me any hard” crowd don’t matter. It is the fact that some victims are affected very badly by the experience that makes it evil and deplorable.

    Victims of sex abuse are renown for hiding their feeling deep inside. Their ‘silence’ is used by the abusers to justify more abuse. However, when children are interviewed in confidence, they universally say they HATE widespread corporal punishment at school.

    Children have an innate sense of justice and fairness. They are not against effective discipline in school. However, they do not belief fear and sexual assault should be a daily part of school life.

  3. Students are very bad sometimes specially here in Thailand most of the students in public school are not interested of some academic subjects, expect them not to listen all the time. But the best thing you can do to let them stop destructing your class is let them out of the classroom and continue doing the lecture, some are interested some are not…

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