Problems with the Media

One reason why the abuse of children in Thai schools continues can be highlighted by the video below from a popular Thai TV series. In the programme the teacher is depicted as a caring and loving teacher. However, as you can see she canes a girl for smoking. Despite the fact that the image they try to portray is that the teacher does this from “love” the FACT is that they openly show a teacher committing a criminal act. Teachers who break the law, for whatever reason, should not be working in our schools.

I cannot for one minute believe that TV and movie producers would show such things if they actually KNEW that she is committing the criminal act of assault under current Thai law. The only conclusion is that they are NOT aware it is illegal. This misconception then filters down to the viewers themselves, both student and parents, who are led to believe that it is not only legal but normal.

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  1. Teacher Trainer

    Besides the caning that takes place which is of course against the law the video clip does something far worse. The video clip is reinstating the image of a teacher as an omnipresent, nosy, strict, interfering, authority holding and punishing BUT ‘loving’ person. A God like figure almost. It portrays the teacher as a person who you’re indebted to for receiving those valuable moral
    lessons and who is partly taking over the role of a parent.

    Just a couple of observations:

    1. no involvement of the parents in the video. The teacher is taking over the role of parenting which is simply beyond the realm of the teacher’s responsibilities. This also sends off a wrong message to parents that the teacher will take responsibility for the things they’re not doing.

    2. She’s trying to break up a fight and gets hurt in the fight herself. Lesson 1 in Classroom management 101 teaches you to never interfere in a fight if your own safety is in jeopardy. Get help from elsewhere first and try to verbally stop the fight if you lack physical power to end it. Bad example and not to be copied by anyone.

    3. The teacher is tracking the students’ whereabouts outside the classroom or school grounds. Teachers’ responsibility for students’ actions should ideally end at the school gate and be limited to learning related aspects. In case of doubt, parents can be informed who can take subsequent action. In addition, students might see teachers’ involvement outside the school grounds as an infringement of their privacy and an extended means of authority from the teacher in their private lives. This negatively impacts students’ attitudes in the classroom and blurs the line between the school context and the home context. (not to be mistaken with the fact that learning should be taken out of the classroom).

    4. It portrays a submissive attitude of the students toward the teacher with indoctrinated respect which is something outdated and completely out of sync with the current attitude of the majority of the Thai students. It would have been better in the light of 21st century learning and the ASEAN community to show a good debate in English or Thai for that matter between a student and a teacher in which both learn from the outcome of the debate.

    In conclusion it portrays the ideal of a teacher which is hopelessly out of sync with what students need, how students want to see their teacher and what they desire from a teacher. If this is supposed to boost the image of the teacher and lure people into the profession they have reached exactly the opposite. Thai students are fed up with being taught moral lessons all day long and this video clearly evidences how far the people behind this video clip are removed from education, its function in society and reality in modern day Thailand.

  2. The canings of young women are sexual assaults. In the UK, now that school corporal punishment is illegal, similar actions by teachers are treated as sexual assaults, not physical assaults.

    The question is why nations allow their young people to be sexually mistreated this way. The answers tend to be very unhappy ones.

    Many of the people in power in society, including those that oversee school districts, are sexually turned-on by the idea of young adults forced to endure sexually abusive situations at school. Powerful people are notorious for their interest in BDSM play, and their willingness to be sexually ‘dominated’ as a form of relaxation.

    This being so, they lack the empathy to understand that many of the victims of school corporal punishment are traumatised and emotionally changed by the experience. They ignore the fact that many beaten children respond by losing interest in their studies- ensuring that they will give up academic interests as soon as they can escape schooling.

    There is also the tradition, in nations with a severe inferiority complex, of thinking that the schools used by the elite should emulate the fantasy of British ‘public’ schools, where it is assumed that the children of the ‘cream’ of British society were ruthlessly thrashed every day. This is made worse when British sex criminals, posing as teachers, arrive to help set up or advise on schooling methods.

    Obviously, Asian nations have a long tradition of beating people that predates the involvement of the British Empire, but the uniforms and caning we see today are clearly inspired by a twisted fantasy of British school life in the 1950s.

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