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Another animal bring shame to Thailand

Yes another animal bringing shame on her profession and her country. If we find her this is enough evidence to get her teaching license removed and a large fine. Maybe even a suspended hail sentence. If you can know her name or the school in the video please contact us.

Problems with the Media

One reason why the abuse of children in Thai schools continues can be highlighted by the video below from a popular Thai TV series. In the programme the teacher is depicted as a caring and loving teacher. However, as you can see she canes a girl for smoking. Despite the fact that the image they try to portray is that the teacher does this from “love” the FACT is that they openly show a teacher committing a criminal act. Teachers who break the law, for whatever reason, should not be working in our schools.

I cannot for one minute believe that TV and movie producers would show such things if they actually KNEW that she is committing the criminal act of assault under current Thai law. The only conclusion is that they are NOT aware it is illegal. This misconception then filters down to the viewers themselves, both student and parents, who are led to believe that it is not only legal but normal.

Sikaoprachapadungwitt School

Sikaoprachapadungwitt School is located in Sikao, Trang. The name in Thai is โรงเรียนสิเกาประชาผดุงวิทย์

The attached video was taken in January 2012 and shows several girls age 17 (class M5/2) being caned by a male teacher.

We have contacted the school but to date they have ignored our request for a response.

Assumption College Sriracha Ms. Wilawan Eaamvijarn

We receive more complaints and information about this school than any other school in Thailand. Illegal corporal punishment seems to be just a way of life at this school.

The most recent incident reported is covered on this web page.

Sriracha teacher face slapping students

Ms. Wilawan Eaamvijarn  The teacher concerned is Ms. Wilawan Eaamvijarn. Her defense, when confronted was that she is permitted to hit children under MoE regulations. This probably explains why it is so      common at this school if the teachers believe it is lawful.

We remind Assumption College and in particular Ms. Wilawan that Ministry of Education regulations STRICTLY forbid al forms of corporal punishment in Thai schools. This includes using hand or stick, hard or soft.

Ms. Wilawan is suspended for two months pending investigation and we are pushing the school and the parents concerned to take her to court. She should be in a jail not in a classroom teaching  our children.

For more information see Ms. Wilawan Eaamvijarn

Also see our page on Assumption College Sriracha

Make Directors Pay

Let us first establish that a school “director” in Thailand is what many would call the headmaster or principal in other country – not director as in company director.

One of the biggest problems faced in the implemting of the law in schools is that only the individual who commits the assault can currently be prosecuted, fined, jailed etc.

ALL school directors know the law, they are sent regular MoE bulletins reminding them! However many do not notify the teachers and then turn a blind eye or, in extreme cases, actually encourage it. They know very well that if the teacher is caught nothing can be done to them.

There have been severalk cases recently where the teachers concerned have been told by their director that an “agreement” exists with parent , despite the fact that such agreements are unlawful. In some cases this is negligence on the part of the directors but in others it is a deliberate ploy to hide the truth from teachers.

Usually when a case becomes “high profile” the directors simply deny all knowledge and leave the teacher concerned to face the consequences alone.

There is an argument to create a civil law (at the moment the only remedy is in criminal law) to make school directors and owners liabel for the actions of their employees.

We believe that if directors could be charged, and punished, they would make sure it stops fast. There is nothing like a threat to a directors finances to make them take action!

Now they teach the students to behave like animals too!?

This video needs NO comment – quite UNBELIEVABLE!! Anyone know the name of this school and maybe which teacher they are copying?

Will Wai Kru Day become a thing of the past?

Will Wai Kru day become a thing of the past as respect for Thai teachers diminishes?

The problem with Wai Kru day or Wai Kroo Day is two fold:-

1. The “forced” nature i.e. all kids have to Wai all teachers, even the ones they hate.

2. Respect for Thai teachers is probably at an all time low. Teachers have no right to “expect” respect, they must earn it.

Our opinion is that although it is a fine and ancient tradition it should be abolished unless teachers can actually start to earn the genuine respect of their students. It will only survive (or deserve to survive) if students are allowed to CHOOSE the teachers they pay their respects to. Not only would this be fair but it would make many teachers actually THINK about why some students choose not to respect them. That cannot be a bad thing and is surely the way forward.

We spoke to a senior teacher in Chiang Mai province who told us that whole thing embarrassed her as she did not believe half the teachers deserved the respect they were demanding.

Geraldine Daray-Pugoy

Geraldine Daray PugoyYet another teacher who attempts to protect child abusers at Kanlayanee SiThammarat school.

In a conversation today Geraldine Daray-Pugoy says that she has seen many Thai teachers abusing children but has never tried to stop them saying it is part of Thai culture.

Sorry Ms Daray-Pugoy it used to be part of Filipino culture too 20 years ago but it is wrong so they stopped it (19 years ago to be precise). The “culture” argument holds no water – it is ILLEGAL and teachers should not break the law. Teachers in your own country respect the law or they are punished. Why do you think it should be any different here? Do you think it is part of Thai culture for teachers to somehow be above the law?

She went on to say that the teachers who abuse children do it because they love the kids – sorry again Ms Pugoy but you are showing a distinct lack of intelligence and training here. If you love someone you do NOT abuse them.

She should read this article which explains the difference between discipline and abuse.

Ms Daray Pugoy is a Fillipino working in Thailand. As a foreigner, from a country where such abuse is specifically prohibited, she should know better than to try and defend the abuse of small children by adults in schools. She should also make herself aware of her duty to protect the children in her care and if she fails to do so her work permit, and teachers licence, should be removed at very least.