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  1. Children need to be protected against foreign teachers who obtain their jobs through fake degrees etc., too!

  2. I was a teacher there (ACS) a few years ago (2003-06) in Mattayom 4-5-6 (Theophane building). Every morning around a dozen of male students used to wait in a row for their punishment, one, two or three hits on their bottom by a bamboo stick. They had to wai afterwards. I felt confused and asked; apparently the school has a ‘written permission’ given by parents “who are happy” that the school carries on applying that kind of ‘discipline’. The school isn’t honest towards teachers either and uses tricks to avoid paying severance in case of non-renewal of a contract. I do not want my name to be published.


  4. Two sides to this coin! i have worked at 5 Thai schools and have seen the extremes. At my present government school, all late students are wacked on their but. At times 60+ are in line with 2 wackers!
    At a private school, I was cited for grabbing a boy’s ear who refused to participate in calisthenics.
    At another private school, there was no discipline policy. It could be chaos in the classroom! Students in one class tore down the back curtain, kicked a hole in the wall and broke the glass on the door. All the school wanted was “pay, pay,pay” and let the teacher try to teach while anything went on in the classroom
    I am the father of 2 sons in USA in universities and founded and ran my own corporation.
    There are some inherent problems with these kids and their parents, There are students who are always late for class, never complete any projects and basically float through the school day with apparently no regard for their future.

    • Begs the question why you dont video this morning ritual and report it to the police. Grow a pair man. I have worked at many schools here and sure in the old days I saw this and could do nothing about it as it was not against the law. I now work in a government school in Rayong and NO teacher carries a stick, and yes they do not have laser pointers either. If I saw any teacher there hitting a student I would have no hesitation in reporting them. They are criminals and your lack of action just says you dont give a rats ass about the welfare of the kids supposedly in your care. Good or bad they should be granted the protection the law is supposed to give them.

  5. @Adrian – can you give us the name of the school where this is still happening? It may be “commonplace” but it is 100% illegal.If we have the school name we can video this and get it stopped. We agree there are problem students, that is the case all over the world, but breaking the law is neither the solution nor a responsible action by people in positions of authority.

    Besides whcih you state yourself some students are “always late” so the criminals who beat them are not achieving anything – are they?

    On your point of discipline in private schools, that is up to each school. Personally I believe schools should have effective discipline policies – just not illegal ones.

  6. @ Benny – up to 2005 it WAS possible for schools to use parental permission contracts to use corporal punishment. That opt out was REMOVED when the law changed in 2005.

  7. Chern Talay School Phuket. 23.08.2012

    Our 5 year old daughter was together with her 40 class mates today demanded to stretch out there hands and then hit by a wodden stick by there female teacher because some of the boys where playing and being loud during the time as the teacher went for lunch.
    We went to see the doctor tonight as our daughters thum on her right hand is serious swallowed and the skin is open from the hitting.
    She has quite some pain and had problems falling as sleep because of the pain.
    We contacted the teacher this evening by phone and asked for an explanation as well as the school directors phone number.
    Her first responce was that she did not have the phone number.

    We will take our daughter to school tomorrow and are hoping to find and meet the school director as she did not pick up the phone.
    The teacher informed my wife that some other parent had called her as their child had a similar wound and that we should not contact the school director and be: chai Jen Jen.

    Dear parents please do the right thing and please share your expirences.
    Thank you in advance.

    The shocked and worried parents!

  8. Chern Talay School Phuket. 23.08.2012

    Our 5 year old daughter was together with her approximately 40 class mates today all demanded to stretch out there hands and then hit by a (wooden) stick by there female teacher Khun Kru Si, because some of the boys and girls in her class where playing and being loud during the time as the teacher Khun Kru Si went for lunch. 

    We went to see a doctor tonight please see the report by Dr. Narong as our daughter Lina’s thumb on her right hand is serious swallowed from the hitting. There is some small hard “egg” under the skin where she was hit! The doctor informed us that the thumb is not broken. we received so antibiotic cream as Dr. Narong biggest concern was that the wound could become infected. Lina has quite some pain and had problems falling as sleep tonight because of the pain! 

    Our daughter keeps on asking my wife and me tonight why did our teacher hit me ? I did not do anything wrong!

    My wife contacted the teacher Krun Kru Si this evening 23.08.2012 by phone and asked for an explanation as well as the school directors Khun Supatda Majem’s phone number.

    The teachers Krun Kru Si’s first response was that she did not have the phone number of the school director Khun Supatda Majem.

    I then called the teacher Khun Kru Si again but she was suddenly proclaiming not to speak any English at all. My wife then talked to her in Thai and later received the phone number of the school director Khun Supatda Majem.

    We will take our daughter to Chern Talay School tomorrow 24.08.2012 hoping to receive an appointment with the school director Khun Supatda Majem and the teacher Khun Kru Si, as the school director Khun Supatda Majem did not pick up her mobile phone last night.

    The teacher Khun Kru Si informed my wife during their 3 phone conversations that some other parents had called her as their child had a similar wound and that we should NOT contact the school director and be: chai Jen Jen. The teacher Khun Kru Si further proclaimed that there was something wrong with the stick that she had used for the hitting and that was the reason for the wounds and pain.

    The very worried and most shocked parents; 

  9. For the Record:
    The hitting of some 40 children on the 23.08.2012

    We went to the Police next morning and after some struggle finally getting the police in Chern Talay to file our complaint,
    They called the school Director and the teacher and had them coming to the Police later same day.
    The teacher Khun Kru Si also shared with us that she was tired and did not know how to handle the children and that was the reason for the hitting, which we pictured was unfortunally not the first time.
    The director Khun Supatda Majem of Chern Talay school and the Teacher Khun Kru Si came and where both promissing that all sticks etc. had all been destroid and that there will be NO more hitting at any form in the future!

    Time will prove; Or we will take it to higher authority’s in Thailand.

  10. Jayut Jayanandana

    I had found this site after searching in the Google !

    I am a father of a 10 year old son who recently moved to Si Namthip school at soi 22 sukhumvit from International school due to my financial difficulties- The past record from previous school is excellent in terms of academic and sports -my son can read and write Thai but cannot speak Thai due to his schooling in international school in bkk since he was 4 years old -He is a Thai national-
    Now my son is a victim of physical punishment by a Thai male teacher at Si Namthip- He became scary and unhealthy due to constant
    physical punishment by this particular teacher – we have taken my son to medical doctor as well as physcologist at Police general hospital- Even though written recommendation issued by the doctor to the school management on how to treat this child the teacher keep on hitting for not doing homework-even though the matter is under notice that my son’s inability to understand the language and thus resulting in not able to complete the homework!

    He has just moved for last one and half months –

    Please let us know thelaws protecting school children from physical punishment and abuse and legal procedures in order to take legal action against the school management and the particular teacher !

    Our child starts behaving abnormal and showing signs of losing control of mental health !

    Eventhough I have brought up this issue with the director of the school,the things did not improve !

    And this particular teacher seems to hit everyone for whatsoever reasons-
    As parents we are spending sleepless nights !and we do not know how to handle this issue anymore –
    We will really appreciate your kind suggestion.

    Best regards

    Jayut Jayanandana

  11. Hi,

    I am a fairly new teacher at Muang Krabi School in Krabi, Thailand, and have witnessed manyof the Thai teachers hitting the kids already, which is very sad…

    Thought I would report. Contact me if you need further information.

  12. I am a teacher trainer in Thailand from foreign origin. What I witness at schools is a continuing form of corporal punishment. Teachers who know it is illegal resort to a far worse form namely mental abuse. Thai teachers have the ability to verbally destroy children and deplete them of each and every joy they take in learning. Unfortunately, mental bullying by teachers is not covered under Thai law and exercised by a large number of Thai teachers to satisfy their needs to control and submit students to their rule and authority in class. A common observation I have made is that the majority of Thai teachers greatly lack didactic skills which prevent them from engaging students in the classroom subsequently leading to classroom management problems. Students don’t dare to stand up against their parents and teachers and parents are continuously endorsing teacher violence at schools.

    Until third parties or observers are allowed to file legal complaints against teachers there is little to be done except for providing a better training for teachers, and informing parents of the long term effects of endorsing corporal punishment and the students of their rights.

    I support your cause 100% and I am willing to help where needed.

    • Hi Teacher Trainer

      Thank you so much for your very astute comment.

      One thing I will add is that it is perfectly possible for 3rd parties to make complaints and file police reports. If you have been told otherwise you have been mis-informed. The problem is one of evidence. If the child will not testify then prosecutors are unwilling to go to court with a case they think they are unlikely to win. Given that courts do not like having time wasted this is understandable. HOWEVER, if you can give indisputable evidence, especially video or photographic, then they WILL take the case on many occasions. Under Thai law the police are duty bound to to file reports from ANY party in such matters; it is whether the public prosecutors will take it further that is often the hindrance.

  13. I recently had a situation at my 5 year old Thai nephews school. On the first day I arrived to find his teacher standing in the doorway brandishing a stick in one hand who proceeded to inform me that she had had to hit him. I explained to her and the school principle that it was a criminal offence and illegal to do so to which they replied that they only did it ‘sometimes’ and it was the rules of the school! They even asked me to ‘show some small respect for Thai culture’ at which point I just burst out laughing! Following our complaint the school then spent the next week ignoring my nephew, not talking to him and leaving him out of any school activities even to the point of not taking him to lunch with the other children…………………..quite disgraceful. The schools name is Sawang Boriboon Wittaya School, avoid it at all costs unless you don’t mind you child being hit and you want your child to grow up to be an automated ‘Chinaman’ who accepts being whacked. Quite revolting behaviour from a school that purports itself as being ‘good’.

  14. Can you recommend a sympathetic attorney in Pattaya or Chonburi? Thank you for your work and efforts.

  15. An old Thai teacher had a rowdy M1/6 class before me. I saw how he lines up all the buys and then hit each of them with a bamboo stick… The students were much harder to control afterwards. Hitting them is against the law – and it also does not work!!

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