Assumption College Sriracha

Assumption College SrirachaWe receive more complaints about Assumption College Sriracha than any other school in Thailand. Over 20 every month.

The latest incident reported in September 2011 involves Ms. Wilawan Eaamvijarn

The fact that Ms Wilawan claims that hitting children is legal (it is NOT) clearly indicates that the administrators at this school do not make teachers aware of the law.

We contacted the school director in 2010 and his response was “if parents cannot accept teachers hitting children they should find another school”. He too seems ignorant of the fact that it it illegal for a teacher to hit a child in Thailand. This includes by hand or stick and hard or soft – all are illegal.

Also one head of department (female) told us “Thailand has many problems to face, child abuse [in schools] is unimportant.

If you are a parent considering this school we urge you to think long and hard as abuse appears to be a daily occurrence in this particular school.

  1. This is the worst school in Thailand. Foreign teachers with fake degrees and a school that passes all kids even when they fail. curriculum a joke. Head teacher Mr Ian Klaczak is a fake teacher. really a scuba diver. The foreign teachers even do the masters degrees of the thai teachers who then get masters from sheffield university England. They cant even speak english!!!! Discraceful

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