Kanlayanee Si Thammarat school

Kanlayanee schoolKanlayanee Si Thammarat school is located in Nakhon Si Thammarat in Southern Thailand.

We understand that some (a minority) of the teachers at this school regularly hit the students, especially those in the younger primary age groups. In particular one female teacher, Ms Phasuk  (นางผาสุข ถาวร) a P.E teacher at the school.

We are told that the majority of teachers do not hit the children, and indeed that they hate the teachers who do this. However they refuse to do anything to stop it and, in our opinion, this makes them equally guilty by association.

We are also told that the beatings only occur in the Thai Programme and not in the English Programme of the school. However the two programmes are part of the SAME school and therefore, in our opinion, equally guilty for refusing to protect ALL the children in the school.

The school organises regular student exchange schemes to the USA and we are currently finding out who the agencies are in the USA and will be notifying them accordingly.

  1. We have now been able to contact six of the agencys involved in the exchange programme. They have all promised to investigate and if they are satisfied it is correct will stop all future dealings with this school.

  2. I am very shocked to see this. Our daughter went on exchange to this school. If I had know about this before I would never have allowed it. No parent should allow their children to be placed in danger. I will be writing to the school to express my outrage. It will never happen again that is for sure.

  3. yes it is very true for sure at kn but not in the EP.

  4. I will leave knep in March this year. I will tell you truth after I leave. Teachers hitting young children at this school is very normal.

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