Yothinburana School

Yothinburana School is a public/government funded secondary school located in Dusit, Bangkok. It has approximately 4000 students.

In 2008 the school was involved in the widely reported caning controversy involving Suwatanna Permpool who caned several pupils including one girl 18 times resulting in her hospitalization.

The school has repeatedly tried to claim it has an agreement with parents and pupils allowing it to cane students, despite being told by the Ministry of Education that such agreements are unlawful.

It refused to dismiss Ms Permpool who is still wkring at the school almost three years later in 2011 despite repeated calls for her arrest and trial for assaults she readily admits.

In January 2011 the school claims it no longer canes students but several parents have stated to the Thai media that it still continues and that they support it.

  1. I dont understand why schools try to break the law. Surely if a school cannot obey the law they should be closed down?

    • Because they believe they are above the law. Either that or they are ignorant and simply dont understand it. They fail to understand that kids who see teachers break the law every law day will grow up to believe it is ok to do the same.

  2. Schools that allow teachers to hit will always attract the wrong kind of teacher. People who enjoy abusing children will always be wanting to work in these schools.

    • Punnipha that is 100% correct. This is the same all over the world! Schools that permit sadism will always attract sadists and perverts.

      The teaching profession in Thailand MUST accept there are bad people in our midst and work together to remove them not work together to cover up for them as is usually the case.

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