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How do you stop the one sadist?

I have a simple question for teachers who believe it is OK to abuse children.

How do you stop the sadists and perverts?

The teaching profession has always attracted people who enjoy hurting and abusing children – this is the same all over the world.

So, imagine this – we have 10 teachers in a school!

Nine teachers say they only hit children becasue they love them.

One teacher is a sadist who does it because he/she enjoys it.

How do you stop the one? That is my question.

The ONLY way to stop the one sadist is to stop them all all. If you do not the nine (so called) “good” teachers are simply legitimizing the actions of the sadist. Worst they are giving him/her somewhere to hide.

The bottom line is simple – if you give the sadists a place to hide you are supporting child abuse.