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Angthong College of Dramatic Arts

News has broken today in the Thai newspapers and TV of the mass caning of girls at Angthong College of Dramatic Arts.

The teacher concerned is Mr Phansak Thanpo,

He caned many girls, some of them 57 times, for failing exams.

He has been summoned to the police station but is claiming that no one can touch him and that he will be caning all the girls again on the 31st May 2011.

The school is a dramatic arts college so they are under the regulations of the Ministry of Culture and may not have to abide by Ministry of Education regulations which strictly forbid corporal punishment. This remains to be seen as we do not think this has ever been tested before in court.

However, the Child Protection Act 2005 bans ALL corporal punishment in ALL schools so we cannot see they have a defence.

Directors email address is if you wish to email her to let her know how you feel.

57 times for failing an exam is not only ridiculous it is inhuman and barbaric in the extreme.

Childline have been notified, as have UNICEF and the Ministry of Education but as yet we are unsure what they can do. We hope that this teacher and this director are charged and get their day in court and then many years in a Thai jail for this terrible crime.