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Childline Thailand

Child Line ThailandOne of the main reasons why teachers continue to abuse students is because they think they will not be reported. Abusive teachers are totally convinced they are immune from the law, and feel safe to continue to abuse.

Most Thai students are too scared to report a teacher for fear of revenge by the teacher and maybe even other teachers at the school. The recent witch hunt at Kanlayanee is a good example where the teachers interviewed many students to find out who had reported Phasuk to Facebook. Students were told they were damaging the schools reputation and would be punished if caught passing information.

Childline Thailand has a direct telephone number where kids can report teachers. The number is confidential and they will NOT give the school the deatils of the informer.

If you are hit by a teacher you can report them to Childine by calling 1387 (from inside Thailand).

They immediately notify both the school and the Ministry of Education and request an investigation. In severe cases they will immediately intervene on behalf of the students.

You can see more on their website Childline Thailand.

We are campaigning to make it compulsory for all schools to put their poster and telephone number on their noticeboards.