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Geraldine Daray-Pugoy

Geraldine Daray PugoyYet another teacher who attempts to protect child abusers at Kanlayanee SiThammarat school.

In a conversation today Geraldine Daray-Pugoy says that she has seen many Thai teachers abusing children but has never tried to stop them saying it is part of Thai culture.

Sorry Ms Daray-Pugoy it used to be part of Filipino culture too 20 years ago but it is wrong so they stopped it (19 years ago to be precise). The “culture” argument holds no water – it is ILLEGAL and teachers should not break the law. Teachers in your own country respect the law or they are punished. Why do you think it should be any different here? Do you think it is part of Thai culture for teachers to somehow be above the law?

She went on to say that the teachers who abuse children do it because they love the kids – sorry again Ms Pugoy but you are showing a distinct lack of intelligence and training here. If you love someone you do NOT abuse them.

She should read this article which explains the difference between discipline and abuse.

Ms Daray Pugoy is a Fillipino working in Thailand. As a foreigner, from a country where such abuse is specifically prohibited, she should know better than to try and defend the abuse of small children by adults in schools. She should also make herself aware of her duty to protect the children in her care and if she fails to do so her work permit, and teachers licence, should be removed at very least.

Kanlayanee School – again!

We were contacted via Facebook yesterday by a female student from Kanlayanee SiThammarat school. The is a student in the English Programme at the school.

She informed us that, despite the her promises, Phasuk is still hitting children with a cane. She did not say if this was in the Thai Programme or the Kanlayanee School English Programme (KNEP) but that is irrelevant. If the teacher is abusing children then ALL children at the school are placed at risk.

We are contacting the school (again) but expect another cover up by the school administrators who seem to have little interest in the welfare of their students.

We remind Phasuk and Mayuree Karikarn that hitting children is illegal and is child abuse. Why? Becasue Thai law says so!