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Kanya Thongman นางกัญญา ทองมั่น

Mrs Kanya Thongman นางกัญญา ทองมั่นKanya Thongman (นางกัญญา ทองมั่น) is the director at the Angthong College of Dramatic Arts involved in the serious, and  illegal, caning of several girls in May 2011 by a music teacher at the college.

When the incident was first reported Mrs Thongman was uninterested in taking any action according to one girls father,  Mr Boonlert. He also stated she replied that she agreed with the teacher and was (apparently) initially sanctioning the further caning that was planned for the 31st May 2011.

Mrs Kanya only started to take the matter seriously when the incident was reported to the police and received widespread national and international news coverage.

She (allegedly) persuaded Mr Boonlert to drop the charges with the police in return for the 2nd caning being cancelled and also promised an internal school disciplinary investigation into the teacher, Mr Phansak Thanpo.

Ms Kanya said if the disciplinary investigation finds Mr Phansak guilty, he will face punishment ranging from disciplinary probation or a cut in pay to suspension, removal or dismissal.

Question? How can he NOT be guilty? He admitted the offence!

Mrs Kanya also stated that

Caning is banned in schools but she believed it is sometimes justified!

This raises very serious issues about the competence of Ms Kanya to be a director of a school, for the following reasons.

1. She clearly has NO understanding of the law! It is BANNED and ILLEGAL and therefore there can NEVER be any “justification”. Any management position in any profession must have a clear understanding of relevant law. This is especially true when the law is there to protect the vulnerable i.e. children.

2. Children in her school are clearly at risk of assault if she believes it is “OK sometimes”.

3. Justified?? Does this mean that people who have no money can sometimes be justified to rob a bank or steal from a neightbours house?

4. WHY did she intervene in a criminal investigation and why did she attempt to stop this. The police MUST be allowed to do their jobs in cases of alleged child abuse.

It is our belief that the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Culture (who the school is under the auspices of) should launch an immediate investigation into Ms Kanya Thongman and if she is found to be incompetent, or guilty of attempting to protect a child abuser from prosection, should be immediately dismissed and perhaps prosected herself.

Teachers must OBEY the law at ALL times and school directors have a duty to ensure they are 100% AWARE of the law that governs their profession. They also need to take responsibility for the actions of their employees and Mrs Kanya should NEVER have attempted to stop the police investigation or prevent this man from being tried in an appropriate court of law.

What part of the word illegal dont you understand?

This question always bemuses me.

What part of the word ILLEGAL do Thai teachers and administrators not understand?

You can come up with as many excuses and reasons as you want but it it AGAINST THE LAW for teachers to hit a child in a school in Thailand. This applies to any form of hitting be it hard or soft, with a cane or with a hand, it is ILLEGAL! If you break the law you are committing (or abetting) a crime!

You cannot get around the law by claiming it was “reasonable” or that you have the parents permission, or that the law is flexible etc. The law exists to protect chilren, ALL children equally. NO teacher,  school, or parent has the right to choose to ignore the law. Are we a country of laws or are we a country of anarchy?

In worst cases we have people like Kanya Thongman and Mayuree Karikarn, school administrators who admit its illegal but attempt to not only justify it but to cover up for teachers who are abusers.

Most of those teachers who hit always say they do it because the children break the school rules!!

So…………..if a child breaks a “rule” they should be punished (ok we can agree with that) but if a teacher breaks the LAW that is OK?? We don’t think so! Teachers are just as accountable as every other member of society! They are not “special” and they do not have any special status that allows them to pick and choose which laws they obey and which they do not.

On the other hand………… is probably a good indicator of the low intelligence level of the abusers that they continue, often openly, to blatantly ignore the laws of our land. After all if they do not understand the meaning of ONE simple word what is the likelihood they understand anything else?