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Kanlayanee School – again!

We were contacted via Facebook yesterday by a female student from Kanlayanee SiThammarat school. The is a student in the English Programme at the school.

She informed us that, despite the her promises, Phasuk is still hitting children with a cane. She did not say if this was in the Thai Programme or the Kanlayanee School English Programme (KNEP) but that is irrelevant. If the teacher is abusing children then ALL children at the school are placed at risk.

We are contacting the school (again) but expect another cover up by the school administrators who seem to have little interest in the welfare of their students.

We remind Phasuk and Mayuree Karikarn that hitting children is illegal and is child abuse. Why? Becasue Thai law says so!

Mayuree Karikarn

Mayuree Karikarn is the Head of the English Programme (EP) at Kanlayanee Si Thammarat school.

She contacted us after we exposed the illegal hitting of kids in the school by a female P.E teacher Ms Phasuk.

As with so many teachers, heads of departments and school directors (principals) her only concern (as she says herself) is the good name of the schools. The welfare of the children in their care comes a distinct second place.

As far as we are concerned school employees who attempt to cover up, or protect, abusive teachers are equally guilty of that abuse.

Below is the transcript of our conversation (held on a messenger service not vocally).

Some explanation –

Kanlayanee SiThammarat school has two separate preogrammes; the Thai Programme (TP in the conversation) and the English programme (EP). Ms Karikarn is the head of the EP (only). However both are part of the same school and share some teachers.

Ms Karikarn is abbreviated to MK and our responses are marked as TT.

The bold sections have been added here and were not bolded in the original conversation.

MK – Hi, I need to talk to you.

TT – please use the open profile for discussion

MK – I am Mayuree Karikarn. HEad of the English Program of Kanlayanee Si Thammarat school

TT – yes, please use the open profile for discussion.

MK – this conversation should be in private.

TT – no thank you.

MK – That is unfair.

TT – beating children is unfair and ILLEGAL.

MK – you claims that our teacher is abusing students and putting pictures on ur profile.

TT – Yes!

MK – Then prove it. when. how?

TT – We have several statements from students and ex students and 4 parents

TT – in the meantime you should tell her to stop

MK – first thing you shuold do is to learn how to pronounce her name correctly.

MK – I am the boss

MK  – of course i know this teacher.. i don’t recognize her name that you stated but i recognized her picture. I am not telling you what to do it’s your life your decision her I am talking to you cos I need to protect EP cos I am the boss here I am doing my job why don’t you take care of our businessss?

TT – Is it your job to protect child abusers or to protect the children in your care?

TT – Are you saying that “protecting your business” is more important than protecting children?????

TT – We are aware that the EP does not hit children but EP and TP is the same school.

MK – what is TP? we are EP not TP.

TT – the law is there to protect ALL children not just those in the EP. Yes I know, read what I said, you are EP.

MK – but the picture of a teacher shown in ur profile teaches for us too.

TT – and kids in TP are the ones who get hit but it is the same school and the law is there to protect ALL children equally!

MK – please tell me what TP stands for.

TT – I know but she is not permited to hit the kids in the EP we know that. TP = Thai programme.

MK – still she teaches our students too.

TT – yes we know that

MK –  it is important that you clarify that she hits students in Thai Program not just put TP

TT – and she does not hit the kids in the EP?

MK – nop never.

TT – why the double standards? it’s the same school and the school is employing a teacher who breaks the law. If she is your friend why not tell her to STOP?

MK – it’s ok. up to you. Ill just put information on the open profile that she doesn’t hit EP students.

TT – I am aware that you are not a child beater but it is the schools responsibility as a whole to ensure they do not employ teachers who break the law.

MK – if you don’t care about EP students then you have double standards too.

TT – We care about all children equally, unlike you.

TT – so you admit she hits TP students then?

MK – I am not saying she hits students.

TT – but you just did!

TT – ASK her this question “have you EVER hit a child” and see what she says

TT – I just asked one of the students from you school as I want to be sure. Would you like to see her reply?

TT – Here is her reply FYI.

“Sure it’s only TP still beat the student. They beat primary Mathayom but just a few teachers do this not all.

The teacher who hit the students, her name is Phasuk ( female) but the majority of teacher hate the teacher who hit students.

She does like this almost every hour when she teach students,I don’t know that’s why she does such this but the other teachers don’t beat students except her !!!”

At this point Mayuree logged off and refused to discuss futher despite us sending her the rest of the evidence we have.

What part of the word illegal dont you understand?

This question always bemuses me.

What part of the word ILLEGAL do Thai teachers and administrators not understand?

You can come up with as many excuses and reasons as you want but it it AGAINST THE LAW for teachers to hit a child in a school in Thailand. This applies to any form of hitting be it hard or soft, with a cane or with a hand, it is ILLEGAL! If you break the law you are committing (or abetting) a crime!

You cannot get around the law by claiming it was “reasonable” or that you have the parents permission, or that the law is flexible etc. The law exists to protect chilren, ALL children equally. NO teacher,  school, or parent has the right to choose to ignore the law. Are we a country of laws or are we a country of anarchy?

In worst cases we have people like Kanya Thongman and Mayuree Karikarn, school administrators who admit its illegal but attempt to not only justify it but to cover up for teachers who are abusers.

Most of those teachers who hit always say they do it because the children break the school rules!!

So…………..if a child breaks a “rule” they should be punished (ok we can agree with that) but if a teacher breaks the LAW that is OK?? We don’t think so! Teachers are just as accountable as every other member of society! They are not “special” and they do not have any special status that allows them to pick and choose which laws they obey and which they do not.

On the other hand………… is probably a good indicator of the low intelligence level of the abusers that they continue, often openly, to blatantly ignore the laws of our land. After all if they do not understand the meaning of ONE simple word what is the likelihood they understand anything else?