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Time for Tough Sentences for teachers who break the law.

thai teachers in prisonIt is time the law gave appropriate sentences to teachers who break the law. There is no place for mediation between schools and parents to settle these matters, the police must charge them and the judges must deal with them appropriately.

All too often we see teachers walking away free, and even in some cases continuing to work as teachers. See the case of Suwattana Permpool for example. This woman admitted breaking the law for years but she was not even sacked from the school despite the fact that the MoE promised a full investigation.

More recently the events at St Marys College in Nakhon Ratchasima led to three teachers being jailed, but even these were reduced to suspended sentences. Also we have the up coming court case of the teachers at Pakpranang and hopefully they will be dealt with severely.

There is only one way to stop Thai teachers persistently breaking the law and that is to APPLY the law. This means:-

1. The courts apply the law by handing out tough sentences on child abusers.

2. The law take action against schools, school principals and school directors as well as the individual teachers. If directors are held responsible they would stop it.

If these two things were done teachers, and schools, would quickly understand that abusing children, by using violence, will no longer be tolerated and that they will face the ruin of their lives and careers if they continue to do so.