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Stop claiming ALL Thai teachers are good people.

This is the biggest single problem preventing the abuse of children from ending in Thai schools. Time and time again we hear teachers claiming “all Thai teachers are good people” – NO THEY ARE NOT!!

The majority of Thai teachers ARE good people but until we all accept the fact that there are SOME bad people in our profession we will never solve the problem. Its a bit like an alcoholic – he cannot be cured until he accepts he is one.

Teachers must stop denying that bad people and bad teachers exist in our profession in Thailand and we should all work together to remove them – not to cover up for them as we do now.

The age issue is largely to blame. Younger teachers are taught not to criticise older teachers so the older teachers continue the old ways such as rote learning, corporal punishment and even sexual abuse in extreme cases. The saddest thing is that not only will the young teachers not try to stop them but they also learn from them and as they get older they become the same.

The teaching profession has always attracted perverts and sadists. This is same all over the world. Thailand is no different. What IS different is that good Thai teachers do nothing about it. When they see a teacher abusing a child they simply look the other way.

It is time for action – for the sake of our children. Thai teachers MUST put the protection of the children first and:

1. Tell any teacher using violence to stop!
2. If that does not work then report that teacher to the police.

The FIRST thing Thai teachers have to do is get their heads out of the sand – stop saying all teachers are good people, accept that some are bad people then we can collectively work to remove them from our education system.

This article was contributed by a Thai teachers from Chiang Mai and is her personal view.