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Will Wai Kru Day become a thing of the past?

Will Wai Kru day become a thing of the past as respect for Thai teachers diminishes?

The problem with Wai Kru day or Wai Kroo Day is two fold:-

1. The “forced” nature i.e. all kids have to Wai all teachers, even the ones they hate.

2. Respect for Thai teachers is probably at an all time low. Teachers have no right to “expect” respect, they must earn it.

Our opinion is that although it is a fine and ancient tradition it should be abolished unless teachers can actually start to earn the genuine respect of their students. It will only survive (or deserve to survive) if students are allowed to CHOOSE the teachers they pay their respects to. Not only would this be fair but it would make many teachers actually THINK about why some students choose not to respect them. That cannot be a bad thing and is surely the way forward.

We spoke to a senior teacher in Chiang Mai province who told us that whole thing embarrassed her as she did not believe half the teachers deserved the respect they were demanding.

Why Thai teachers are no longer respected!

There is a good discussion thread on the ThaiVisa Forum about why Thai teachers are no longer respected.

Basically because they EXPECT to be respected just because they are teachers and so they make little or no effort to actually EARN that respect.

We think Wai Kru Day will be a thing of the past within the next ten years as more and more kids realise that the teachers are not worthy of their respect so refuse to give it.

You can read the full discussion here