Suwattana Permpool

Suwattana Permpool is a female PE teacher working at Yothinburana School in Bangkok.

In 2008 she admitted caning several students, one female student 18 times. This event was reported to police by the parents of the girl concerned. Ms Permpool admitted the offense but the school defended her saying they had a written agreement with parents to cane students.

Both the school and Ms Permpool were told by the Ministry of Education that such agreements were illegal and that Ms Permpool had commited a ciminal offense. Given that ms Permpool readily admitted doing this on many occassions it is safe to safe she was a frequent offender and prone to the regular abuse of children.

However, the school took no further action against Ms Suwattana other than to give her an official verbal warning. This is despite the fact that Ministry of Education regualtions state clearly that she should have been dismissed and her teaching license revoked.

Ms Permpool did resign from her position as Head of Year but did not resign her post as a teacher.

In January 2011 Ms Permpool was still working at Yothinburana School although she claims she has stopped abusing children. The school appears to still permit caning so we do not know if this is true or not.

Our view is that ms Permpool should be serving a jail sentence now, not teaching children.

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  1. Obviously a Lesser with S&M tendencies.



  2. She is still teaching and still hit kids. Everyone hates her so much.

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