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This website is dedicated to exposing the barbaric actions of many Thai teachers who continue to break the law and hit children. The facts are very simple, corporal punishment is ILLEGAL in schools in Thailand. It has been illegal for any school employee to touch a student in a Thai school since 2005 (2548). However recent surveys show that up to 74% of teachers in Thailand still hit children and many do this regularly.

Some schools, and even some parents, have attempted to get around the law by using school/parent agreements whcih they claim permist the use of corporal punishment.  However these agreements are also ILLEGAL. The law is there to protect children, ALL children EQUALLY, and neither parents, nor individual shools or teachers, have any right to circumvent that law. People cannot pick and choose which laws they obey and whcih they choose to break…that is anarchy.

We will help any child who has been illegally beaten by a teacher and will do all we can to expose the schools and teachers concerned and try and ensure justice is done i.e. we wish to see all teachers who abuse children in jails, not teaching in schools. If you are a kid who has any information about teachers hitting children please see our contact us page.

What part of the word ILLEGAL do Thai teachers not understand?

You can come up with as many excuses and reasons as you want but it it AGAINST THE LAW for teachers to hit a child in a school in Thailand. This applies to any form of hitting be it hard or soft, with a cane or with a hand, it is ILLEGAL! If you break the law you are committing a crime!

You cannoot get around the law by claiming it was “reasonable” or that you have the parents permission, or that the law is flexible etc. The law exists to protect chilren, ALL children equally. NO teacher, school or parent has the right to choose to ignore the law. Are we a country of laws or are we a country of anarchy?

Most of those teachers who hit always say they do it becasue the children break the school rules!!

So…………..if a child breaks a “rule” they should be punished (ok we can agree with that) but if a teacher breaks the LAW that is OK?? We don’t think so! Teachers are just as accountable as every other member of society! They are not “special” and they do not have any special status that allows them to pick and choose which laws they obey and which they do not.

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